Assessing Job Applicants

Assessing Job Applicants

On PetCloud, you are able to post a job and have available Sitters apply.  

Assessing your applicants online

Have a look at each of the Applicants listings.  Do you see Sitters with police background checks? What qualifications do they have? Are they an accredited Pet Sitter? What is the training they have had? What about reviews? Are they positive? What photos do they have?

Meeting your applicants in person

Next, you’ll want to set up a meeting for your pet and the sitter at the Sitter’s home. This way, you’ll see the Sitter’s home and yard in advance of the pet stay and will be able to identify any hazards together and talk about your expectations for care for your pet. The questions you should ask are:

  • What dog breeds and types of pets do you have experience in minding?

  • Will there be other pets or children will be present when the pet stay takes place?

  • What previous experience have you had?

  • What training have you received?

  • Do you have references?

  • Why do you like Being a Pet Sitter?

  • Are you insured? (with PetCloud every Sitter is insured)

  • How often will you be home with my pet? Do you have other full time work commitments? Are you home on weekends?

  • How often do you answer your phone if I need to contact you?

  • Where will you be taking my dog for a walk during the stay? Are there parks or beaches?

  • What would you do in the event of a medical emergency?

  • What would you do if my pet escaped in order to recover them?

  • How far away is your nearest Vet located and are they 24hrs?

  • Do you have a car and license in event of emergency or trips to the groomers?

Watch your pet’s interaction with the Sitter and / or their pets.  Do they seem to get along?  Get your pet sitter to take your pet for a short walk and say a few basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘leave it’, ‘lie down’ and do they come when the sitter calls their name?

If all of this is positive, then go ahead with the booking or set up a Meet & Greet with a second Sitter.