Can I cancel after I've paid?

Cancellations and Refunds

Can I cancel my booking after I've confirmed my booking?

Yes, however the refund you get will depend on the refund policy that the Sitter has set on their listing.  You can use Cancel button which is located at the end of your booking inquiry page which looks like below;

How much of a refund will I get?

  1. The secure payment gateway and payment processor your card uses when you pay for a booking is Stripe. Stripe's transaction fees are non-refundable
  • Cancellation by a Pet Sitter/service provider: If a pet sitter cancels prior to start or during a booking, we will refund the booking fees paid by the pet owner for the services not provided. PetCloud will try to arrange a substitute pet sitter to cover a confirmed booking. A pet sitter may try to find an alternate service provider to cover for any remaining days with mutual agreement of all the parties involved including PetCloud to modify the booking and ensure a seamless experience.

If you are a pet sitter and you frequently cancel confirmed and accepted bookings without any justifications, Pet Cloud reserves the right to terminate your account.

  • Cancellation by a Pet Owner: If a pet owner cancels prior to the start of a booking then the Sitter’s chosen refund policy at the time of creating that booking will apply, booking fee is non-refundable to compensate PetCloud. The Pet Owner must notify PetCloud in writing at .  PetCloud’s representative will consider notice receipt time, circumstances of the complaints, withholding period of booking amount, sitter’s refund policy or any other relevant factors before processing any refunds.
  • There are three types of refund policies which a sitter, may choose are below and displayed on their listing;

Conditions for FULL Refunds:

Flexible Policy - Pet owner is eligible for a full refund if PetCloud receives the cancellation request 24hours before the commencement of the booking.

Moderate Policy - Pet owner is eligible for a full refund if PetCloud receives the cancellation request 7 days before the start of a booking.

Strict Policy – Pet owner is eligible for a full refund if PetCloud receives the cancellation request 14 days before the start of a booking.

Peak Period Policy: Any booking confirmed In between 28th November and 7th Jan next year will be non-refundable to compensate sitters for the lost opportunities during peak season.

Capped Partial Refunds: 

Where a Pet Owner is not eligible for a full refund, PetCloud will forfeit 50% or A$300 whichever is lower over and above booking fee. This is a cost to cover Pet Sitter’s compensation, administration expenses to set the booking, maintenance of website, advertising, training and other related costs.

If a Pet Owner cancels a current booking (after the start but before the end date), we will refund the service fee paid by the pet owner for the services not yet provided subject to the Capped Partial Refunds clause above.

Refunds after a payout: The sitter will get paid after pet owner confirms completion of a booking on PetCloud (by clicking on Release Payment) or 24 hours after booking end time. Cancellation request/complaints received after payment has been made to the Pet Sitter will warrant discussions with both parties and will involve recovery of paid funds from the sitter. PetCloud will pay to the Pet Owner only after receiving money back from the sitter, Pet Owner understand that any delays are beyond the control of PetCloud.

  • Cancellation of Recurring Bookings: weekly recurring bookings that run for more than 2 weeks and for which Pet Cloud collects weekly payments. All the above policies will apply in cases where booking is cancelled before its start date except the amount in consideration will be for 2 weeks.
  • Inactive Accounts: Pet Cloud incurs administrative and other costs to maintain its digital wallet and website. Any unused balance in a wallet will be reset to zero when an account becomes Inactive. An inactive account is any wallet without transactions in the last 12 months. 

Non-Withdrawal Balance: Pet Cloud runs promotional offers and discounts from time to time. If a customer gets additional credits or discounts using promo codes/coupons, the entire amount added with the coupon codes becomes non refundable. The credits must be used within PetCloud.

Please always check the refund policy noted on the listing of each pet sitter, prior to making a reservation. You may want to know the ways to cancel a booking and get your refunds here - How to cancel my booking?

You can also email us to and out of courtesy, let your Sitter know too so they can accept other booking opportunities.

How long will my refund take to process?

We submit refund requests to your bank or card issuer immediately. However, you may only see the refund as a credit in your account approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank you have.