Do I always need to have a Meet and Greet?

Do I always need to have a Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greets strongly encouraged and are super important to have if you:

  • Have never done a Property Walk-through with that person previously
  • Have other pets booked at your home at the same time
  • Or you own your own pets 

The Meet and Greet process is a chance to voice your expectations and requirements for Pet's care, and to see whether the Pet Sitter is willing to meet them, and to try and predict any behaviour compatibility problems with other pets or children.

By doing a full property walk-through, inside and out, you take joint responsibility in ensuring the property is escape-proof and hazard-free.

Download the RSPCA Property Safety Checklist

We ask Pet Sitters and Pet Owners to meet as soon as possible (within 7 days) because it helps you discover very quickly:
  1. Whether your Pet warms to the Sitter
  2. What other (potentially incompatible) People or Pets the Sitter lives with
  3. Whether the Sitter is reliable and a good communicator
Pet Sitter's private homes are not like MacDonald's Franchises: Fence heights, bodies of water, plants and other pets differ from Sitter to Sitter.
In the event that you don't feel the Sitter is a good match for any reason, having a Property Walkthrough as early as possible gives you enough time before your trip away to ensure that you can meet with someone else who might be more compatible, instead of stressing at the last minute because you discovered your chosen sitter is not a good match.

You have made a great decision to book through PetCloud - because thanks to our RSPCA partners - we are leading the industry with stay pet stays and an excellent track record of safety.