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Dogs that have separation anxiety

The signs of anxiety and stress and to what degree they show these symptoms are important elements that need to be communicated to your chosen Pet Sitter. If your dog shows signs of any extreme or excessive behaviour, it is important that your first consult with your vet a few months in advance of your planned trip so that you can minimise the anxiety leading up to the event.

You may wish to also trial your pet having a short weekend stay with a Pet Sitter first before booking a much longer stay on a separate occasion. Pets can behave differently while they are away from home and their owners. Some pets can feel anxious if there is no one with them if they are used to having your constant company. We recommend selecting a Sitter whose schedule matches your usual one. So if you are normally home during the day, don't select a Sitter who is away working during the day as it means your Pet might get anxious without company and try to escape to look for you.

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