PetCloud | How do I find the right Sitter for my pets?

How do I find the right Sitter for my pets?

There are different types of Sitters.  Once you understand the type of Sitter your pet needs, go to the Search Results page of PetCloud's website, there is a button labelled [More Filters]. Click it.

A modal window will display with filters to help you find Sitters with particular special skills and experience. Select the skills you need and then click [Search].

Finding the right Sitter for your pet depends on:

  1. the Sitter's experience
  2. the needs of your pet
  3. where you want your pet to be staying (at your home or the Sitter's home).
If you want your pet to go and stay with a Pet Sitter, there are two key property criteria to consider: security and safety.  Each pet minding situation needs to be individually assessed, and both the pet owner and pet minder must assume shared responsibility for the security and safety of the pet being minded.  Pet security while being minded is of paramount importance. Animals that escape are at high risk of being injured or permanently lost.  So you need to select a Sitter who has a secure fence and yard suited to your pet's breed, size, and temperament.

Secondly, are the other household members suited to your pet?  Ie. if you have a dog not used to young children, does the Sitter have young children? If your pet is large, ie. a horse, or if you have multiple pets, you may be best off to book a Sitter who offers twice daily home visits, or house sitting where they will come and stay at your home.  The Sitters that display these services on their listing will also display a Police background check badge.