How do Pet Sitting and House Sitting platforms compare?

How do Pet Sitting & House Sitting platforms compare?

In unregulated industries, there is room for companies to enter the market to offer as little or as much trust and safety features for you and your pets. We want you to choose the best platform for you and your pets. The following table is accurate as at 22nd November 2022.


Trusted House Sitters

Mad Paws



Police Checks every Sitter

Does Driver's Licence checks on every driver

Has an Insurance Policy in place

Has Right to Work in Australia checks

Has NDIS Training, Safeguards and NDIS Registration

Provides Industry Recognised Accredited Animal Care Training

Australian Founder

Police checks - It's important to know who you are entrusting your pet to, and if they are staying in your home - whether they have a criminal record of violence, theft, and dishonesty.

Drivers Licence checks - Understanding whether someone has a drivers licence to transport your pet to the vet if required in an emergency is a must.

Public Liability Insurance - In the event of negligence, this protects your bank account against the financial burden of potentially tens of thousands of dollars in the event of a Pet Accident or Illness. Large unexpected debt can set you back financially for years.

Right to work in Australia - Illegal immigrants who have overstayed their visa or do not have working rights on their visa can face penalties up to $63,000 and/or five years imprisonment for individuals,$315,000 for companies.

NDIS Training, Safeguards, and Registration - NDIS participants are among the most vulnerable members of our society and companies have a duty of care in engaging with them. NDIS have a set of rigid compliance rules that must be followed to ensure that the participants receive the best possible care and attention. This process is subject to external audit to ensure compliance.

Industry Recognised Accredited Animal Care Training - this type of training helps the Carer understand Boarding Codes of Practice, Local Council Laws, and the Five Freedoms, and uses positive reinforcement only. This means your pet will not be abused.

Australian Founder - this is the difference between your money going overseas or staying on shore.