PetCloud | How many pets can I book with a Pet Sitter on PetCloud?

How many pets can I book with a Pet Sitter on PetCloud?

Nationally, all Pet Sitting bookings where pets stay at the Sitters home are capped with a limit of 3 pets. However, for Victorian based Pet Owners with more than 2 pets: Victoria's Code of Practice for Home based Pet Sitting only allows up to 2 pets to be minded at a Sitter's home at one time. If you have more than 2 pets, your options through PetCloud are:

  1. Book a House Sitter to come and stay at your home
  2. Book your pets to stay with separate Pet Sitters so that the total any Pet Sitter has at one time is 2 visiting pets

For other States, it depends on your local council as they all differ from various States and Towns. To look up what your local says about pets, navigate to the Australian Government website and click on the State you live in and then click on 'Local government directory' and type in the name of your suburb. The Council responsible for your Suburb should appear, and your can investigate their website as to what they say about looking after the number of Pets.