PetCloud | I am a Pet Owner what safety measures should I follow?

I am a Pet Owner what safety measures should I follow?

  1. Read profiles and choose your sitter wisely – It is very important that before booking a sitter, you read their profile thoroughly to be sure if they have the experience or capability to take care of your pet. Don’t meet pet sitters who don’t have a clear profile picture.

  2. Take a friend along – When you reach the ‘Meet & Greet’ stage it’s highly recommended that you take a friend with you if you are going to the sitter’s place for the first time.

  3. Property checklist – Make sure the Sitter’s property meets the standards of RSPCA guidelines.

  4. Pet friendly house –As an owner you must make sure if the sitter has other pets, if there is a cozy spot for your pet and most importantly the house is escape proof.

  5. Ensure your pets full profile online is completed – As an owner, you must provide the sitter with an an emergency contact, dietary checklist, vet contact number and details about the pet’s routine. Incase of an accident, ensure you discuss any spend limits for Vets at the Meet & Greet.

  6. Money matters – You must ensure that you pay through PetCloud’s payment system. This will cover your pet with insurance during the stay, we will support the sitter with any problems throughout the stay, and it will enable you to provide public feedback on the sitters listing

  7. Accredited sitters –  Look for accredited sitters who have done our online Certified Pet Sitter training. This training was written by RSPCA Vets and will ensure that your sitter has knowledge about taking care of your furry family member.

  8. Safety of your Pet – Make sure you have up to date profile picture of your pet, ensure they have an engraved ID tag, ensure they are microchipped, ensure your contact details on the microchip register are up to date, ensure your dog permit and your contact details on that are up to date too.

  9. Is there chemistry? – Your Pet must get along with the sitter and you must ensure that your pet listens to the commands given by the sitter. If the sitter can’t manage your Pet, then maybe it’s not the right match.  If you have a large or lively dog can they handle them?

  10. Schedule of the Pet Sitter - Pets can behave differently while they are away from home and their owners. Some pets can feel anxious if there is no one with them during a time they are used to having company. We recommend selecting a Sitter whose schedule matches your usual one. So if you are normally home during the day, don't select a Sitter who is away working during the day if it means your Pet might get anxious without company and try to escape.