I’ve been told I can’t book you by my Support Coordinator. Is this true?

I’ve been told I can’t book you by my Support Coordinator. Is this true?

Not true.

Participant choice and control has always been, and will remain, central to the delivery of the NDIS. Funding is provided to people with disability, who can then choose how best to use those funds on the supports and services that will help them to meet their needs and goals. https://www.ndis.gov.au/news/1997-pricing-update-and-more-support-participant-choice-and-control

This means you are the boss of your plan. 

Unfortunately, some Support Coordination organisations are biased, meaning, they want to try to switch you to receive services from their organisation.  We recommend immediately switching today to an unbiased, independent Support Coordination organisation such as Plan Partners as there are laws around choice and control.  You as the Participant are the boss of your NDIS plan.

Under National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, section (e) The purpose of the NDIS serves to: (e) enable people with disability to exercise choice and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2016C00934

If your goals are self-sufficiency and independence, then you are free to choose to book the supports that PetCloud offers (Assistance with pet related Household Tasks) so long as you have budget left.

PetCloud is a National Registered NDIS Organisation so we are able to assist Participants who are Self Managed, Plan Managed or Agency (NDIA) managed. On this page you can request a call back or a free quote from PetCloud: https://www.petcloud.com.au/ndis-pet-care

Do get in touch with us again after you have found out how much is left in your budget from your chosen Plan Manager, such as Plan Partners https://planpartners.com.au/

Look out for bias and conflicts of interest when receiving advice.
Support Coordinators are employed and paid by private provider companies to help you book services with their company.  Every NDIS Registered Organisation has a Support Coordinator.

Local Area Coordinators are paid by the Government and are meant to be unbiased and neutral to help you create your goals in your NDIS Plan.

Plan Management Companies tell you how much money you have left in your NDIS budget and will help pay invoices from private companies for services they provide to you.

Impartial, unbiased, Plan Management companies like Plan Partners should be contacted to get advice about how much budget you have left in your plan.