Information needed to report a Bug

Information needed to report a Bug

Prior to making an App Bug report:

  1. Please check that you have the latest PetCloud App version.
  2. Set your phone to automatically download App updates. Go to Settings > App Store.  Then, under Automatic Downloads, tap the radio button next to App Updates to enable automatic app updates
  3. Check that your phone has downloaded the latest Operating System update: Go to your phone's Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates > On
How to Report a Bug using the PetCloud App.
1. Open up the PetCloud App on your phone and shake your phone device. 
2. A screen will appear (screenshot below) where you tap the first option - "Report a Bug".  
3. You then describe what is happening when you try to do something. For example "When I tap the Review & Release Funds button, I see an error." 
4. Click Submit.
This way your device and operating system information is captured for our Developers to troubleshoot by trying to replicate the issue.  

How to Report a Bug using a Desktop computer

Email our Support Team  with the following information:

1. How were you accessing PetCloud at the time of the problem? Through a browser? Or through the App?

2. What device are you trying to access PetCloud with?  Your phone, a tablet, or a laptop computer?

3. If phone, what make and model is your phone?  eg. iPhone 12?  or a Samsung Galaxy S7?

4. If computer, what Operating System and Browser your Computer is?  eg. Mac Operating system using a Chrome Browser? or a Windows Operating system with an Edge Browser? 

5. What task were you trying to do at the time?  

6. What happens when you try to do the task?  Do you see an error on screen?  What does the error say?  Do you tap or click a button and nothing happens?  Do you have a screenshot?

7. If you were using the app, have you got the latest app version?