PetCloud | Pet Owners in Hospital or in an Institution

Pet Owners in Aged Care, Hospital, or in an Institution

On PetCloud, Pet Owners can find pet sitters to take your pet into their home — or visit your home each day. Long-term boarding might be an option for an extended hospital stay.  Pet fostering programs can also be considered for long periods in (for example) a rehabilitation facility.

The first question we ask for Pet Owners doing the booking is: "Does the person use the internet themselves, OR do they have a Support Coordinator or Family Member who can?"

If Seniors in care who own a Pet, who don't use the internet, and who don't want to / or don't know how to book & pay online, then the Senior must have a guardian who is willing to create the booking and payment online and arrange and attend Meets & Greets on their behalf. 


Meets and Greets prior to a booking taking place are an important part of the process to ensure that there is compatibility with other pets, gives the Owner to interview the Sitter about their skills and experience, and ensures that property is escape proof.

The same goes for anyone in hospital due to pregnancy, accident or illness, those in rehab for extended periods, or mental health institutions. If you will be uncontactable, can't use a computer or a smartphone, and are unable to work, you must have a guardian or next of kin who PetCloud or the Sitter can contact who will take responsibility for the booking.

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