Pet Preparation - before a Pet Stay takes place

Pet Preparation - before a Pet Stay takes place

Pet's full profile is complete including emergency contacts

Before your Pet's stay begins, make sure you complete your Pet's full profile. Your chosen Sitter will need to know your Pet's Emergency Contact person while you're away, whether your pet is desexed, & what they eat. This is a 1 time set up only.

Dog Owners: Teach your dog basic commands & socialise them

Be sure your dog responds to basic commands and is well socialised around both other people and pets; if your dog has an aggression problem or is otherwise unruly, he/she may not be a good candidate for pet sitting. If you engage with a Trainer, ensure you ask them if they use only use “positive reinforcement” only - this is a trainer that rewards a pet for good behaviour and not one that yells or hurts them or uses choker collars.

Take them to the Vet to get Up-to-date vaccinations

Ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations before taking them to the Pet Sitters home to stay. It is a measure of a quality service if companies do ask for vaccination proof as it guarantees your pet stays in a hygienic environment.

Apply Flea and tick control

Ensure your dog is de-flead & up-to-date on flea control treatments. Fleas can be prevented easily and effectively with a once a month topical solution or tablet.

Give Heart and Gut Worming

Ensure your dog is up-to-date on HeartWorm + Gut Worming (Gut / Intestinal Wormers are known as 'All wormers' but do not include Heartworm) Ensure your dog is up-to-date on Heart Worm and also Intestinal Worming (this can be x2 different monthly tablet types purchased from Vets or supermarkets or Pet Stores)

Take your Pet to the Vet to have them Desexed or select a Sitter whose pets are desexed

Ensure that either your pet is desexed or you have selected a Sitter whose pets are desexed - you want to avoid returning home to a pregnant pet. Don't forget to add this to your pet's PetCloud profile. Sitters are not responsible if your pet is impregnated.

Microchip your Pet

Ensure your Pet is microchipped this can be done at the Vet. This makes contacting you faster if you pet escapes and end up at the pound or vet

Add an Engraved ID Tag to their collar

You can purchase aluminum or stainless steel ID Tags and get engraving done at any local shopping centre’s Key cutting and Shoe repair store. This should have:

● Your Pet’s name

● Your mobile phone number

Add your pet’s Council Registration Tag to their collar

When you register your dog for a council permit, you will be sent a plastic council registration tag with a number on it in the mail which you attach to your dog’s collar. Cats aren't always required to be registered with councils so double check what your local council requires by Googling it online.

Shop for your pet’s food

Shop for enough wet and dry food for your Pet and meaty bones to last the pet stay (+ 2 extra days just in case)

Shop for toileting products

Puppy Pads, Poop bags, Poop Bag Dispensers or Kitty litter trays and kitty litter

Full body checks inc teeth and gums

Full body checks, including teeth and gums, paws and claws to ensure any early veterinary-related issues are identified and dealt with before the stay begins.

We have attached a handy downloadable PDF containing the same information available on this page.