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Pet Sitters near Me

Looking for Pet Sitters near you?

Looking for Pet Sitters Near you?  PetCloud has professional Pet Sitters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin,
Adelaide, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Central Coast, Noosa Heads who will take care of your pet in their home.
Pet Sitters Near MeOn PetCloud you can quickly and easily find Pet Sitters near you

Benefits of Home-based Pet Sitters

Personalised Care – One of the benefits of choosing a Pet Sitter over a kennel is the personalised experience your pet will receive. When you book via PetCloud you get the opportunity to request a full property tour with the Sitter at their home beforehand, this way you can discuss your Pet's Care routine, expectation of daily communication with photo updates, and Next of kin and Veterinary contacts.

Value for Money – Booking Home-based Pet Sitting services is more affordable than leaving your dog at a kennel.  You’ll save time and money by choosing a Pet Sitter in your neighborhood. More importantly, your pet will thank you for it!

Less Stressful and More Hygienic – PetCloud Sitters know how to lower your pet’s anxiety while you’re away in a loving home environment, not locked in a cage.  If your Pet is used to a calm, home-based, environment - then a Pet Sitters home will be consistent in line with your own type of care.  You can book a home without other animals, or have your pet meet the Sitter’s own pets before confirming the booking. You can also book daily dog walks during the stay.

Some kennels engage in a practice called "stacking" during peak holiday periods in order to make more money. This is where they stack multiple crates, containing multiple pets, high to the ceiling, in order to maximise revenue.  Staff typically do not stay on site to supervise pets, there is loud barking from stress, and there can be defecation and urination on crate floors, causing dogs to pick up kennel cough. 

Why Book through PetCloud?

PetCloud has grown to be trusted by tens of thousands of Pet Owners across Australia because every booking is covered by PetCloud’s Insurance cover which covers Vet Bills in the unlikely event of a Pet Accident by Sitter negligence during the booking.

Payment Protection
PetCloud’s digital wallet & payment process ensures Sitters are paid 24hrs after the end of a booking.  This prevents disagreements, being ripped off, and is a digital trail of services booked and paid for and agreed to between Pet Owners and Sitters.

Reputation Hosting of Sitter Reviews
Sitters have more Accountability when being booked through PetCloud as all Pet Owners have the advantage of being able to leave public feedback to other Pet Owners on Sitter Listings which affects their ratings and reputation and future bookings.

Timesaving Digital Pet Profile
PetCloud’s comprehensive software provides Pet Owners with a digital Pet Profile in which Pet Identity, Health, Behaviour, and Care Routine can be shared with Sitters. Vaccination Certificates and Microchip can also be stored on PetCloud, along with Reminder Notifications for upcoming Council Registration.

Accredited Pet Sitters
PetCloud's Sitters are offered RSPCA Accredited training to ensure they understand the standard of care advocated by the RSPCA and to ensure they understand Council Laws.

Weekly Recurring Services
We will no longer allow once-off dog walks and doggy day care to be booked. We also offer a reduced price for upfront payment of these plans. All NDIS Bookings are recurring service plans too.

Performance Scores
Our Sitters are made accountable with Performance Scores which impacts their ranking on the website.

Types of Pet Sitters

Puppy Dog Sitters
PetCloud has Puppy Dog Sitters who will have your puppy stay at their loving home. Use the Advanced Search filter to specify your puppy’s needs.

Senior Dog Sitters
Use PetCloud’s Advanced Search Filters to find Sitters who have homes without steps and ramps for senior pets. Providing high quality washable Pet Nappies if your pet is incontinent will make the stay much easier.

Big Dog Sitters
PetCloud has strong big dog sitters with large fenced backyards.  We also have House Sitters who can come to stay at your home with your big dog.

Special Needs Dog Care
PetCloud has an advanced search filter on the Search Results screen where Dog Owners can filter to find Vet Nurse Dog Sitters who have had their Vet Nurse Qualifications verified and have been allocated a Vet Nurse digital badge.

Cat Sitters
PetCloud has some Sitters who have a Cat enclosure net which will enable your Cat to safely be outside, instead of being at risk by roaming.