Pet Visit Report

Pet Visit Report

When an Animal is in your Care, the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 says you must provide food and water, adequate shelter, and ensure any injuries are diagnosed and treated rapidly, and adequate resting & playing space, and that any treatment uses positive reinforcement only.  This report will help support you in proving to the Owner that you carried out your obligations while the animal was in your care, in case any queries arise by the Pet Owner.   Only complete the parts of the report that are applicable to your visit and the instructions the Pet Owner gave you.

Pet Visit ReportPet Visit Report
Photo: Please take a photo of the Pet so that the Owner is reassured you actually did visit their home.

Water: Did you top up the pet’s water? If so, what time?

Food: Did you top up the pet’s food? If so, what time?

Medication: Did you give medication? If so, what time?

Poo: Did the pet poo while they were in your care?

Wee: Did the pet wee while they were in your care?

Property Secured: Did you lock up the entire property and gates after you left?

Walk Duration: How long did you take the pet for a walk?

Mood: How did the pet seem in your presence?

Special Care: If you agreed on providing a special care task, provide notes on this tab.