What are the Sitter Rules?

What are the Sitter Rules?

I will:

1. always have a Meet & Greet with the Pet Owner in person to do a full property tour to share joint legal responsibility that it is escape-proof and hazard-free and that pets are compatible.

2. always sanitise and disinfect my hands or wounds after interacting with pets to prevent catching a zoonosis.

3. never accept bookings for cats while I am pregnant due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.

4. never leave pets in the car or tied up outside a shop.

5. never let a dog off leash without the Owner's prior written permission. 

6. never take a dog to the dog park as they are a hotspot for fights breaking out and PetCloud's insurance won't cover it.

7. never walk dogs in the heat of the day.

8. always ensure the Pet Owner pays up front via PetCloud before the booking begins.

9. call my nearest Emergency Vet as my first course of action if there is a medical emergency and then report it to PetCloud.

10. always give daily photo updates & report changes in stool or behaviour to the Pet Owner

8. keep Cats and Kittens securely indoors (with good air flow) 100% at all times & never allowed to roam outside - even if requested by the Pet Owner. A kitty litter tray must be provided indoors.

9. only ever walk a maximum of 3 dogs, and take on an appropriate size of dogs according to my own strength

10. feed each dog at separate ends of the yard or house to avoid fights breaking out.

11. always pick up after my guest dogs poop and will never walk a female dog on heat.

12. always seek the Owner's permission first before inviting anyone else to visit or stay if I housesit at the Owner's home.

13. never accept cash, doing this voids my insurance cover making me liable to pay up to $16,000 in event of a Vet emergency bill and will lead to my listing being permanently banned.