PetCloud | What do I need to do before a 'Meet & Greet'?

What do I need to do before a 'Meet & Greet'?

If you're preparing for a Meet & Greet at the Sitters place, then there is some preparation required:                         

  • Ensure you have completed your Pet's full profile along with care instructions and current vet contact details. It must also include feeding instructions, toileting routine, and exercise schedule.  Add an emergency contact who can make decisions for the pet while you are away - not someone who is away on holidays with you.
  • Ensure your pet is wearing a collar with an engraved ID tag with your current phone number and address on it
  • Make sure you have the Sitter's phone number and address on a piece of paper.
  • Ensure your pet is wearing their council registration tag.  Ensure your pet's Council registration is up to date and that Council has your latest contact details and current address
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date on your chosen microchip register.  You can check your microchip number on;  If pet address can't find the number, chances are its registered in NSW Pet Registry which is a separate system that doesn't communicate with pet address.
  • Set up an account with your nearest 24 hr Vet along with an authorised Vet spend limit in event of emergency
  • Go shopping for kongs, treats, meaty bones, poo bags, kitty litter tray or puppy pee mats, wet mince, dry kibble/biscuits.
  • Gather your pet's belongings and put them in a jumbo tote bag. Bedding, leash, flea shampoo, brush, toys, and wet and dry food.
  • Give them a flea shampoo bath and give them flea & tick control + stomach wormer and heart wormer. 
  • Give your pet an all over body check for any lumps and bumps or ticks to ensure they are healthy before you drop them off.  Check inside their ears, inside their mouths, teeth and gums and ensure no inflammation exists. 
  • Arrive on time - You shouldn't make the sitter wait
  • Bring Your Pet/s along on a leash to meet the sitter and their pets 
  • Read or Print the Property Check List - Make sure you have the RSPCA property guidelines with you printed out so that you can make sure the Sitter's home and yard is appropriate for your pet.    
  • Tell a friend - Just like with any meet up with a stranger for the first time, tell a friend where you are going beforehand and what time you'll be back. 


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