PetCloud | What safety & benefits does booking through PetCloud give me?

What safety & benefits does booking through PetCloud give me?

  1. All bookings through the website are covered under insurance of up to $5 million. 
  2. There is accountability of Sitters as Pet Owners are able to leave a public review of pet sitters on their listing
  3. PetCloud is partnered with a national Vet Network which assists Sitters in case of accident, illness, or emergency
  4. PetCloud is partnered with On demand Vets who offer Video Appointments in case of any concerns.
  5. PetCloud is partnered with RSPCA Qld who offer a nationwide Pet Recovery Service called Pet D-tect.
  6. You can earn points on every day spend such as Pet Sitting if you have a rewards credit card that offers this. 
  7. Vets, Inspectors, Foster Carers, and Dog Trainers from the RSPCA have had input on the processes and procedures of PetCloud that will help to decrease the risk of harm or escape to animals in care.
  8. You'll be sent free daily photo updates to your PetCloud inbox of what your pet is up to
  9. A portion from every booking goes back to our RSPCA Partners who help animals who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.