What services can I offer through PetCloud?

What services can I offer through PetCloud?

There are many services you can offer through PetCloud. The below is a guide only.  

Example Price range: from $25 - $50 per night
A Pet Sitter is someone who board pets in exchange for money for a period of time at their home.  Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business. Duties include: Daily Feeding, putting out fresh water every morning and evening & scrubbing bowls, Brushing pets, Taking dogs on walks, and providing exercise through play, Cleaning litter boxes, Additional services may include giving medications. Pet sitters are also responsible for notifying owners and taking pets to the vet if they should become sick or suffer an injury while under their supervision.

Dog Walking - Recurring
From $36-$45 per hour depending on demand and where you live. Inner metro areas typically have higher demand and higher disposable incomes to pay higher wages. The cost of living in inner cities are also higher. A Dog Walker is someone who visits a Pet Owner’s homes to take their dog for a walk for a 30 minute or 1 hour walk and then safely returns them home.

Suggested price: Once a day 15 min visit from $45. Twice Daily 15 min visits from $90
Daily Feeding, putting out fresh water every morning and evening & scrubbing bowls, brushing pets.  This service is great for Pet Owners who own Cats, large animals such as Dreat Dane big dogs, or horses, own bird aviaries, Fish Tank Aquariums, or Reptiles.  

Example Price range:  $25 per night
You who stay in a spare guest bedroom at the home of an Owner to care for their multiple or large Pets and plants while they are away. 

Doggy Day Care - Recurring
Suggested price: $25 per day
Day care on PetCloud means that a dog spends the day at the dog sitter's home, sometimes in the company of other compatible pets. Depending on the agreement, either the owner or the sitter can pick up or drop off from home to the place of day care. The sitter is not bound to their home for the entire day and is free to go off for short trips to the grocery store for example. But most of the day the Sitter will be at their home. 

Suggested price: $30 per hour x 6 weeks
This is critical to be done for Puppies aged 3 - 16 weeks so they grow into well-adjusted adults.
Not to be confused with doggy day care, desensitisation is a technique of exposing a puppy to a checklist of environmental 'triggers' at an extremely low level so that there is no response. As the pet becomes less reactive, it is desensitised through exposure to gradually more intense levels of the stimulus. It takes place in a private home and is not around other dogs in order to be protected from vaccinatable diseases.  This can be booked as a main service or an added extra to Doggy Day Care or Pet Sitting.

Suggested price: $50 for time required by Client.
This is for pets who have just had an operation such as desexing and need monitoring and feeding. This costs more as it requires the Sitter to be quite attentive and to be home for long periods of time.

Estimate Prices will be displayed on screen just before Pet Owners Post a Job for a Pet Taxi.
Vehicle Size x Distance (km) x Journey Time (mins) + $10 flat PetCloud Booking Fee   
This service can be used for taking your Pet to Vet or Groomers appointments, or even weddings! Fare estimation and rides are for one-way trips only.  Variation in total booking amount depends on variable factors such as Vehicle Type, any waiting time, Distance Travelled, & Journey Time.  The distance fee varies with the size of the vehicle because larger vehicles such as SUVs burn through more fuel than hatchbacks.

Poo Patrol
Recurring Service $25. Recurring Weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly.   
Ensuring a fresher, cleaner yard for the whole family.  Pick up of all dog poos from your backyard, hose the cement or deck if they have urine and poo, clean and top up water bowl, give some pats, and then close gate.

Pet Supplies Errands 
$3 per km If a Pet Owner has run out of flea shampoo/wormer/food a return trip to buy supplies and drop them off can be made.

Professional Grooming and Clipping - Recurring Frequency = every 8 to 10 weeks depending on coat type and weather. You are able to get grooming training from most Tafe's and also https://www.igroomhub.com.au/
Suggested Prices:
Cats: All Sizes $70 - $75
Dogs: Basic Bath & Tidy Up from $60.00. Tidy up - face, feet, hygiene area Full Body Brush Shampoo & Conditioner, Blow Dry, Towel Dry, Ear Cleaning.  Price varies based on size, matting, and coat type. Smooth coat and short haired dogs, Double coated dogs, Long haired dogs, Wire haired dogs, Curly coated dogs, Hairless dogs

Grooming Extras you can offer
  1. Dog Nail Clipping $16
  2. Ear Cleaning $20
  3. Flea Shampoo & Spray $10
  4. Special Conditions Shampoo $10
  5. Parasite Treatment (strictly with the Owner's permission) From $20
Washing and BrushingSuggested Price from $25 recurring every 4 weeks.
This is a basic dog wash and brush service, good for getting fur around the eyes cleaned and their coat brushed and smelling nice.

Pet Concierge (for Special Events)
Suggested Price $50 per hour.  A Pet Concierge is someone who generally supervises the bride and groom's dog, enabling them to take part in the wedding ceremony and photographs.  

Dog Training - Typically a 6 week package
You can only offer Dog Training through PetCloud if you are a Registered, Certified, Dog Trainer who has provided proof of certification from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who teach positive reinforcement, and are registered members of https://ppgaustralia.net.au or http://www.apdt.com.au
  • Puppy Socialisation & Desensitisation  (aged 8 weeks to 14 weeks) 1hr/pw for 6 weeks. Online Course & Offline Course available 
  • Puppy Command Basics 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Loose Leash Walking & Off leash Control between 4 - 12 months old in-Person 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Course for untrained Adult Dogs  2 years and up  1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Adult Refresher Course 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Tricks and Agility 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Private Training Package 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.
  • Behaviour Consults 1hr/pw for 6 weeks.

These courses can be offered:
  • At the Owner's Home
  • At your home
  • Inside a building
  • Outdoors on an oval, weather permitting.
  • Online