What should I do if a Pet Sitter asks me to pay in cash?

What should I do if a Pet Sitter asks me to pay in cash?

Some Pet Sitters offer to pay in cash, enticing you with a discount.  This is called “Tax Evasion” and is illegal in Australia. Unfortunately, the price of paying cash and accepting service from a solo Pet Sitter means that

1) Insurance will not be available to cover your pet’s enormous Emergency Vet Bills in the event of an incident

2) They have no support network to rely on to replace them if they have to attend to a family emergency and can’t complete the booking. 

3) There’s no trace of agreement for services. What happens if you want a refund? 

4) There’s no accountability for them to even carry the job through to completion diligently every day.  Solo Sitters can just say no, and become uncontactable.

5) There is no third party keeping them accountable or contactable. Remember, con artists usually con people because they initially come across as nice people.

You are able to make an anonymous tip off report about them to the Australian Taxation Office. 
You can also inform PetCloud's Support Team and we may choose to permanently deactivate their profile.