What to do if Pet dies while Pet Sitting?

What to do if Pet dies while Pet Sitting?

If a Pet has died due to old age, here are a list of Do's and Don'ts to follow:

DO double check whether the pet is actually deceased.
Pets may lay very still for long periods. Find their pulse or listen for breathing.

DO remain calm.
Whether it’s the result of a long period of illness, or old age, you need to breathe deeply and act professionally.

DO contact their vet as soon as possible.
Ring the pet's Vet Clinic and then wrap the pet in a couple of plastic bags and move to a cool, dry place such as a garage, then transport them to the Vet in your car for the clinic staff to place them in their fridge as soon as possible.  It is the Pet Owner's decision whether to bury or cremate (do not make that decision for them without written permission), and may wish for the pet's collar and tags to be held onto.

DO place a towel under the tail and mouth of the pet.
This will protect flooring and furnishings. If the pet dies with their legs stretched out, gently fold them in closer to the body if they haven’t already stiffened. This will make their body easier to move in the future.

DO let other pets smell the deceased pet.
By allowing other pets to sniff their friend’s body, it will help them to understand what has happened and they can start to grieve.

DO write up an Incident Report
By writing up a timeline of events that occurred, what the pet was last fed, and times it was last alive, it will be able to be easily relayed to the Pet Owner.

DON’T handle it by yourself.
The death of a pet isn’t easy, particularly if they die in your home when you are alone. Call a friend or family member for help in your time of need.

DON’T move larger pets without assistance.
After 3-4 hours, the pet’s body will stiffen and it may be difficult to move alone.

DON’T leave the pet on carpet or a sofa.
Their body may begin to release fluids as the muscles relax, which causes stains. Move the pet's body to a cold stone floor, in a garage or utility room, as this will keep it cool.