PetCloud | Where do we hold the Meet & Greet?

Where do we hold the Meet & Greet?

A Meet and Greet occurs at the proposed location of care.  

Part of it's purpose is to allow the Pet Owner and Pet Sitter to together, take responsibility by doing a walk through property check, to ensure the property is escape-proof and hazard-free.

If for example, upon discovering the property is not escape proof, the Sitter and Owner then decide whether a solution is available from a hardware store to solve the problem OR whether the property is deemed unsuitable and the Owner should meet with another Sitter.

So for example, if it has been proposed the Pet stays with the Sitter, the Owner and Sitter inspect the Sitter's property. If the Sitter will be staying at the Owner's home, then doing a property check together will help identify problem areas where a pet might try to escape while their owner (You) are away.