Why should Pet Owners Book with PetCloud?

Why should Pet Owners Book with PetCloud?

Your pet is special, and deserves the best care.  Here are some of the reasons why Pet Owners trust PetCloud for booking their Pet's care.

We provide Insurance cover for Sitter Negligence
In the event of a Pet Accident or Illness caused by Sitter during the booking, PetCloud’s Insurance cover protects Pet Owners from the financial burden of paying for large Emergency Vet bills.

Payment Protection
PetCloud’s escrow prevents you being ripped off by enabling you to 'fund' the booking, but does not release funds to the Sitter until 24hrs after the end of a booking, giving you time to raise a dispute and request a refund to our Accounts Team if need be. 

Highest Standard of Pet Care for your Pet
RSPCA Accredited Pet Care Training is provided to Pet Professionals to help them understand the standard of care the RSPCA advocates for, and also to help them understand their legal obligations when it comes to council compliance. Those who breach our site's terms will no longer be an accredited Sitter and will be unable to get more bookings.

Sitters are kept Accountable
Sitters standard of care remains high as all Pet Owners who book via PetCloud are able to leave public feedback on Sitter Listings which affects their ratings and reputation, ranking, and future bookings.

Contractual Agreement
Our website provides a written agreement for your services booked with the Sitter.

You'll Make an Impact on Animal Welfare ❤️
Every booking is a chance to make an impact through the work of the RSPCA.  We empower Pet Owners to give back through a small donation when you book.  RSPCA Qld is also part owner of PetCloud, to help reduce the rate of Animal Abandonment at Holiday time. So the more you tell your friends and family about us - the more we'll grow!

Performance Scores
Our Sitters are made accountable with Performance Scores which impacts their ranking on the website.

Pet Professional Subcontractor Agreements & Pet Owner Agreements are in place which they agree to when they join the site/app so you know where you stand.

Police Checked
We ensure 100% of all Pet Professionals on PetCloud are police checked.

Safe Stays
We help you book safe and secure pet stays by providing you with a safe framework of questions to ask at your Meet & Greet Property Inspection with the Sitter, as well as a RSPCA Property Checklist to reduce the risk of escape or harm to pets in holiday care.  This way expectations are aligned.

Easy to use Website and App
CANSTAR placed us at the top for the Best Pet Apps of 2021.

Customer Support
Our Team will help answer any questions or concerns you might have.