PetCloud | How does PetCloud help to keep visiting pets safe?

How does PetCloud help to keep visiting Pets Safe?

  • We offer insurance on all bookings

  • We tell our Sitters to do daily, all over body checks

  • We tell our Sitters to send you daily photo updates and activity reports.

  • We outsource the RSPCA's National Call Centre who have PetCloud training to provide support to Pet Sitters and Pet Owners via both phone and email, this allows our tech and marketing teams to focus on making our website and apps better and to focus on growing our community. This also makes us transparent and accountable, helping us to offer the highest quality service possible.

  • We ask you for details on your pet's health, habits, and identity so that in the event of escape, illness, or accident, both the Sitter and the Pet Owner is aware of what to do and who to contact, and makes locating a pet easier.

  • We limit the number of pets that Pet Sitters are allowed to book at their property and help every Sitter to understand their local council bylaws

  • We provide an RSPCA Approved Property Checklist to helps to guide Owners and Sitters in understanding standards of care and know what to look for in backyards and inside homes

  • We provide a Pet Sitter Success Manual and Video and the only Online Pet Sitting Course in Australia that is written by RSPCA Vets so that any Sitter who has undertaken the course will be awarded an online badge

  • Any Pet Sitter who becomes Accredited (through our online course with RSPCA Qld) is cross checked with the RSPCA's Animal Cruelty database

  • All pets have Flea, Tick, Worming, & Vaccinations reminders

  • No Sitters or fellow Pet Owners who own Council declared dangerous, restricted, or menacing dogs are allowed to offer Pet Sitting as a service

  • No Sitters who have had a dog with Parvo virus are allowed to use the PetCloud website unless they can verify their backyard has been professionally treated by Vet instruction and it has been 12 months since the virus.

  • Pets that are not council registered are not allowed to use the website

  • Pets that are not microchipped are not allowed to use the website

Our Sitters are educated on the RSPCA's 5 freedoms of animal welfare:

  1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst.

  2. Freedom from Discomfort.

  3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease.

  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour.

  5. Freedom from Fear and Distress.