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What to do if a Pet Escapes during a Stay

In case a pet escapes, the pet sitter should:

  • Inform the pet owner and/or their emergency contact about what has happened and have good communication with them throughout the process of retrieving the pet;
  • Call all relevant authorities to help find the pet (Phone your local council pound, all local Vets, council rangers and the nearest RSPCA);
  • Search nearby areas where the pet may have run away to (e.g. nearby parks, it may have tried to go home etc.);
  • Inform PetCloud by email ( if the pet is still missing. Please put "EMERGENCY" in the subject of the email and provide us all details about how the pet escaped and ask for a call back.
  • You can also phone our team on 1300 66 77 85
  • Join any Lost Dog facebook groups for your suburb or city and share a photo and any details about the pet.
  • Check the Owner's home. They may have tried to run back home to their Owner.

If it's a Cat, hire a Cat Trap - You can hire cat traps from your local council's website or from a place like Kennard's Hire. You will need a can of smelly tuna. When the cat smells the tuna and the panel is stepped on by the cat, the trap door closes behind them, trapping them inside.

Contact the RSPCA in your State.  From State the State they offer different lost and found services.

RSPCA QLD Lost and Found Service 

RSPCA NSW Pet Reunite service

RSPCA ACT Lost and Found Service

RSPCA VIC Lost and Found 

RSPCA TAS Lost and Found 

RSPCA SA Lost and Found 

RSPCA WA Lost and Found 

RSPCA Darwin Lost and Found 

Remember to be persistent and keep looking. The RSPCA recommends repeated visits to your local shelter or council pound at least every six days. However, bear in mind that legally, these facilities are only required to hold stray animals for eight days.Frequent visits to shelters in your local area will give you the best chance of finding your lost pet.

Please note:

  • Proof of ownership may be required.
  • Photo ID is required to claim an animal and proof of registration is necessary for council pounds.

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