When & How do I get Paid?

When & How do I get Paid?

When do I get paid?
  1. For general (non-NDIS) bookings If the Pet Owner has remembered to click the [Review & Release Funds] button in the message thread, then you'll be paid 24 hours after the booking has finished, you should also check your bank's processing times. 
  2. For NDIS Jobs, we normally have to wait 7 days to receive payment from the client -> Your payment will then normally be sent to you within approx 2 business days from when we receive the payment from the Client.  If payments are not received from the client after a period of more than seven days, we shall notify you, and initiate collection efforts from the client.  Timesheets for NDIS Jobs must be submitted by 5pm AEST every Friday to accounts [at] petcloud [dot] com [dot] au 
How do I get paid? 
For general bookings, you'll be paid into your PetCloud Wallet.  You then withdraw those funds into your bank account. In order to be authorised to withdraw funds into your bank account, you need to verify your bank account for payouts so that we know you aren't a cybercriminal.   For NDIS bookings we will make a direct transfer into your bank account if you have been financially verified by Stripe.

To Set up Secure Payouts
Step 1. Login into PetCloud.
Step 2. Navigate to My Listing / Payout Preferences screen

Step 3. Click [Start Now]
Step 4. You will be redirected to Stripe. Enter the same email you created your PetCloud account with.

Step 5. Enter your mobile number OR Click Use an Authenticator App (which is more secure). 

Step 6. Verify your login.  Enter the verification code that was sent to your phone via SMS OR from your Multifactor Authentication App if you downloaded and set that up.

Step 7. Your account is secured. Click the Next -> button

Step 8. What activity will your Payouts be from?
If you carry out pet sitting and dog walking as a business, select "I have an Australian Business Number"  
If you just do it as a hobbythen select the bottom option, “I do not have an ABN”  
Click Continue ->
Step 9. Add your ABN Registration (You wont see this screen if you selected 'I do not have an ABN' on the earlier screen)

Legal Business Name: First Name Last Name
ABN: Or put in 100 000 000 00 until your ABN arrives if you have applied for one.
Doing business as: First Name Last Name
Business website: Add your PetCloud listing URL: https://www.petcloud.com.au/pet-sitters/carina/testing-website 
Product Description: Pet Care Services

Step 10. Add your Bank Account for Payouts

Step 11. Add Your Name Pet Owners will see on Receipts

Statement Descriptor: First Name Last Name
Shortened Descriptor: First Name Last Name
Customer Support Phone Number: +61 7 4520 1064

Step 12. Review, Agree and Submit.

Step 13. When you are automatically redirected back to PetCloud, your Payout Preferences screen should look like this showing "Verification Submitted"

That's it! You have completed Financial Onboarding.

In order for funds to be paid out to the Sitter after the successful completion of the booking, Pet Owners need to click [Release Funds & Review].​

Need to speak to a PetCloud Accounts Team Member?  
All Payment queries should be directed to: accounts@petcloud.com.au if you need to request a call back, you are able to Request one here.

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